Webflow platform fee

June 12, 2017
Note: platform fees only apply to those who use Webflow Client Billing.

What is the platform fee?

It's a 5% fee we add to your client's hosting charge to support the development and maintenance of Webflow Client Billing. 

So let's say you're on Basic Hosting ($15/month), and that you charge an extra $10 a month for your site. The platform fee will be $1.25, and we'll add that to your client's total monthly charge (for a total of $26.25). 

After we collect the charge from your client, we'll deposit $10 directly into your account (minus a credit card processing fee of 3 to 3.5%). 

Are our clients charged the platform fee?

Yes, we pass this fee along to the client in their final charge amount.

Who pays the credit card processing fee?

Credit card processors require that the merchant (in this case, you, the designer) pay  the credit card processing fee. This fee varies depending on the country you're in, ranging from 3 to 3.5% of the total monthly charge. So for a $22 monthly charge, you'll actually see $21.04 deposited into your bank account. (Assuming a 3% + $0.30 transaction fee).

Why does Webflow charge a platform fee?

The platform fee helps us maintain and improve Client Billing over time. This includes the development and sending of dunning emails (to recover late or failed charges), custom invoices, whitelabeled emails, whitelabeled payment pages over SSL, and the preparation of tax documents. (Phew, that was a mouthful!) 

When does Webflow charge a platform fee?

Platform fees are only charged on sites that have Client Billing set up with monthly profits. So if you aren't earning any profit on your clients' sites (though we suggest you do!), there's no platform fee.

Can I negotiate a lower platform fee?

Absolutely! Teams creating over 50 sites with Webflow, or charging over $100 per month per site, can contact us about custom rates at support@webflow.com.