Using the Editor in the CMS

May 9, 2016


Webflow CMS' Editor is the best way to edit and add any content on your site. While most CMS products offer only a backend dashboard — which looks nothing like the the actual site — Webflow lets you edit content right on the live website.

Mat Vogels is a designer located in Denver, Colorado. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Mat jumped straight into the world of tech, working at companies such as PaySimple and Webflow as both a designer and marketer. Everything changed after Webflow's capabilities allowed him to jump headfirst in to the competitive world of freelance, creating entire brand and web experiences for dozens of companies. With the experiences of working with a wide range of companies, Mat thrives off teaching others how they too can supercharge their entire web creation process with the latest tools (like Webflow) and a broad range of the latest design techniques and approaches.