Adding and managing Collection Items

March 21, 2016

Add a Collection Item within the Webflow Designer

Once you've created your Collection, and added Fields, you can start adding new individual collection items. You can do this within the Webflow Designer or in the Webflow CMS.

To add a collection item in the Webflow Designer, go to the Collections panel on the left of your screen, pick the collection you want to add an item to, and look for the blue "Add New X Item" button on the top right.

This is a great example of your collection name in a singular context.

Clicking the button will open a panel that resembles a web form with the fields you created in the Collection Settings.

Just enter the required data, then click the blue "Create X" button on the top right.

Be sure to view our later lesson that shows the same process in the CMS.

Note: When you click Create, your item will be published to the URL you set. If you aren’t ready to publish, click the Draft checkbox next to the Create button. This will save your item as a Draft you can return to later.

To learn more about how to add and edit content with the Webflow CMS Dashboard, watch our later video on the Webflow CMS.

Managing Collection Items

Once you’ve created multiple Items, you’ll see them in the Collections panel, along with their Status (Published, Staged Changes, and Staged for Publish).

If you need to update, delete, or archive an item, just click on it in this panel and edit it directly.

Searching for content has never been easier. Simply click into the search field and search for the name of the item that you seek. The items will filter to match the content you are searching for.

Webflow will automatically default columns for Name and Status, however, you can also customize what columns/data are shown here as well.

Simply click on the thumbtack icon to see a list of available fields within the collection. You can pin whichever fields you wish to see. Once added, you can sort the data alphabetically for content fields, by ascending/descending values for numerical fields, or even by color warmth with color fields.

This process makes it much easier to organize content by fields that are important to you - like categories for your blog.

Deleting a Collection Item

You can permanently delete an Item in the Item Collection panel. If you to hide the item temporarily, you can change its Status to Draft or Archive it.

Archiving a Collection Item

If you want to temporarily disable an item, use the Archive option. This will remove the Item from your collection until you Unarchive it.

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