How to invite Collaborators to your site

May 5, 2017

When you set up CMS hosting, you and three other people get free access to the Editor on that site. On Business hosting, you and ten others get access.

You can invite up to 20 people to manage your website's content – each additional Collaborator beyond your hosting plan limits costs $6 a month per person.

If you're on a Team plan, all members of your Team can access the Editor on any website within your Team, and you can invite up to 20 Collaborators per site, at that same cost of $6 per month per person.

How to add Collaborators

From the Site Settings of the site you want to invite Collaborators to, go to the Editor tab, and click the plus button to add a new Collaborator. Enter the person's email address in the Collaborators field, and click Invite.

NOTE: Individual plans can only have two Collaborators (the site admin plus the client) while all members of a Team plan can be content editors.

Your new Content Editor will need to accept the invitation using the link they receive in the confirmation email. 

NOTE: If you are using Webflow CMS with whitelabeling turned on, then your content editors will not get an email from Webflow. Instead you will provide Content Editors with a direct link. See How to enable Whitelabeling for a Webflow CMS site
Collaborators invite with Whitelabeling turned off
Collaborators invite with Whitelabeling turned on

After following the confirmation link in the email, they'll set up their username and password in order to login to your site's CMS.

Whenever one of your Collaborators logs in to your site's CMS, they will see the Editor appear at the bottom of the page and will be able to use the on-page editor.

Note: Your Collaborators can access the Editor by adding `?edit` to the end of the site’s URL (i.e. “”)CMS roles