Using the Asset Manager

May 18, 2017
Note: the Asset Manager has been moved to the left sidebar.
New location of the Asset Manager

Adding images

You can add images in a few different ways. The first and most common is by uploading an image directly on to the page.

When you drag in an image, you can drop it right on to the page, or into the Asset Manager panel, which will appear on the lower right of your screen.

You can also add a group of images to your Asset Manager by dragging and dropping them right from your desktop.

Managing images

You can choose how to display images in the Asset Manager with the dropdown on the top left, picking between two different tile views and two different list views.

To use an image from the Asset Manager, either drag it onto the canvas from the panel, or select an image on your canvas, then click the image in the Asset Manager you want to replace it with.

Deleting images

Deleting images is just as easy. Just hover over the image you want to delete, click the cog icon, then click Delete. Note that this won’t delete an image you’re already using on your site.